Big Dawgs Winter Classic

Winter Classic

November 19-23, 2020

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Let us reintroduce you to the Big Dawgs Winter Classic!

That’s right! We’re bringing back an old friend from OPEX/Big Dawgs past, the Winter Classic.

Sticking with the original theme, this online competition will consist of three workouts to be completed in a 60 minute time frame. All of the workouts will test different characteristics of fitness.

Workouts will be announced on November 19th and your scores will be due by November 23rd.

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Prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female athletes

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


How to get involved:

You must sign up and purchase your spot in the Winter Classic

Your fees will go towards the prize pot. You can sign up as an individual or as a gym. If you sign up as a host gym, your gym will be allowed to sign up as many athletes as they want (unlimited).

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