Testimonial: Serena Lewin

Serena Lewin

Serena Lewin

OPEX Client

I don’t know how to keep this testimonial short…

Since this journey has been very emotional for me. Michael has been the coach that I can always count on. I had suffered shoulder chronic pain for about 1 year, hired another online coach for 6 months, turned out wasting my time. The magic of Michael’s program is miracle, it works!!

I remember when he asked me to do toe to bar during aerobic work for first time, I was like “Michael, are you crazy? It will hurt”, I modified it to knee raise with pain. 8 months later, I m not only getting back my TTB with better form, but also breaking my training plateaus, hitting lots of PRs.

Michael is so thoughtful, mega talented at what he is doing. Top of that, his jokes sometime funny but mostly nerdy and cute.

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