As my time as a college hockey and baseball player began to wind down, I viewed competitive fitness as the natural evolution for me as an athlete. After looking into countless coaching options and having many conversations with knowledgeable athletes and coaches, it was clear that Henry is world class in every aspect of his coaching and mentorship. Despite the miles that separate Puerto Rico from Pittsburgh, the relationship we have built over the last year is incredibly strong—a testament to his dedication to understanding me as an athlete and consistently delivering on his promise to fuel my growth. My assessment phase consisting of a wide variety of testers provided Henry insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and every week since has been devoted to maintaining the former and improving upon the latter. His intricate program design, nutritional knowledge, consistent responsiveness, desire to fully understand his athletes, and regular re-evaluation of his own methods and practices professionalizes the coach-athlete relationship and makes him one of the best coaches in the industry. In 8 months, Henry helped an athlete with a 145# snatch and 3 unbroken ring muscle ups turn into an athlete who finished top-300 in the region in the 2018 Open. He cares, he walks the walk, and he delivers results—if you are serious about improving in your fitness, Henry and Big Dawgs should be your next call.