Testimonial: Mitchell P. Davis

Mitchell P. Davis

Mitchell P. Davis

OPEX Client

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

October 2017, I was medically discharged from my beloved Corps. A laundry list of ailments plagued me and no one seemed to have an answer. I worked with countless professionals in hopes of gaining back the freedom I once had. After a year of letdowns that lead to my discharge, I was convinced my fitness journey had come to an end, watching my health slip away. I had come to terms with being a spectator, knowing there was nothing more I could do.
Enter Will and the Big Dawgs: Month after month we built, refusing to fall victim to dogmatic rehabilitation standards. We started from the ground up, working on the basic foundation of my being. We talked in length about my purpose, my goals, my why. We stripped away the baggage that was mentally plaguing me, preventing me from growth. We dissected every aspect of my life through constant, open, and truthful communication.
Will has helped me reach new heights in my training. I have been pain and injury free for the better part of a year. I no longer struggle with sleep. My anxiety about my future is gone. My energy and motivation are at an all time high. The PRs continue to stack; my Batman-tool-belt-of-fitness has grown tremendously, my engine is becoming NASCAR worthy, and my ability to handle strain is professional-grade. But, more importantly than any tangible, objective measurements, comes the confidence Will has given me, in and outside of the training room.

Bite by bite, I’ve eaten that damn elephant, and I’m hungry for seconds.

Semper Fi.

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