Testimonial: Michael Van Bourgondien

Michael Van Bourgondien

Michael Van Bourgondien

Owner Undivided Athletics

I had started my journey with OPEX prior to working with Sam, searching for a way to upgrade my coaching abilities to better serve my clients through their CCP program. I never considered their remote coaching option because hey, “I was a coach/ box owner” and didn’t find the need at the time. After attending a seminar in Scottsdale, I was convinced to give it a shot to enhance the learning process and hammer down on the concepts learned throughout the course. I had been an aspiring masters athlete and found a little success making it to the NE regionals 3 x on a team and figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out. I recently just finished up completing my 1st year with Sam and couldn’t be happier. He has helped not only develop me as an athlete but has also made me a better coach as well! I am a more complete and balanced athlete with his guidance and cannot thank him and the OPEX CCP team enough for what they bring to the table. Their services are unparalleled and if you are serious about your career both professionally and/ or athletically then you need to find your way over to them.

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