Testimonial: Kevin Cuff

Kevin Cuff

Kevin Cuff

OPEX Client

Oh my man Matt. I could write a book about this guy. 

I started with Matt almost 3 years ago after attending an Opex Camp. It was the best decision for me as an athlete and a coach. 

One of the best things is the customization to me. I have had several injuries during our time and we just keep plugging away with other areas to work while I recovery. We started with shoulders, hip issues, wrist issues, and 2 outpatient surgeries and we never skipped a beat. Matt was able to program around all the issues and had me coming back strong. I have never felt better over the last 3 years all while improving my fitness and hitting PRs along the way. Two, getting you ready for anything you want to accomplish. Matt has programmed me for Running Races, Spartan Races, CrossFit Comp’s, The Open and the soon to be the bike part of a Tri. No matter the task Matt can help you get there. Three, the knowledge I have learned as a coach working with Matt as been fantastic. He is always answering my questions as to why we are doing something and how could I program x for a client. 

Lastly, Matt is a friend. We have built a relationship I feel outside of just fitness. I cannot thank Matt enough for getting me back on the right track. Matt seems to know exactly when I need to rest or push and the program is dialed in to reflect. 

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