Testimonial: Chris Detmering

Chris Detmering

Chris Detmering

4x Regional Athlete / Games Team Athlete

4x Regional Athlete

1x Games Team Athlete

Sam has been my coach for the last couple of years, starting with him in hopes to fix a gaping hole in my game: my aerobic system. Ever since working with him, I have PR’d my 2K row, 10 minute bike test, and many other aerobically based testers. As they say in the “biz”, the proof is in the pudding, and Sam makes some delicious pudding, chocolate pudding. Not only did he shore up my conditioning, but also many life habits that were getting in the way of optimal performance. For example, we reviewed what I ate and how I ate it. “30+ chews!” he would tell me: what a psycho. We dialed in sleeping routines, food hygiene, and daily breathing exercises. He is not perfect (his hair is pretty perfect, to be honest). He makes mistakes. But he also realizes this. Sam learns and adapts. He does this because he has your interest in mind (your goals). Many times I have switched up my training goals with Sam and he adjusted. Sam realizes the infinite complexity of the human biomechanical system. He makes the abstract connections between training and this system, synthesizes them, and puts them in a well made, easy to digest, chocolate pudding called: your personalized training.

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