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Coaches Chat - Will Trujillo and Mitch Davis Discuss Mitch-tathlon and Autonomy In Fitness

Apr 28

“Every person should experience their own Mitch-tathlon” - Will Trujillo Will Trujllo and Mitch Davis have worked together as coach/client since 2017, and they’ve built an amazing level of tru...

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Will Trujillo Talks Tommy V, Invictus, And The 2019 CrossFit Games

Aug 21

Jim Crowell and Will Trujillo suited up to discuss the 2019 CrossFit Games. Will had his athlete, Tommy Vinas, competing with Invictus' Team. They ended up taking 3rd place after a resilient and hard fought weekend in Madison. Will discussed what training and mental work helped Tommy step up and "race" all weekend to help Invictus make the podium, and then Will discussed what he'll do with all of his athletes to get them prepped for the 2019/2020 CrossFit and Sanctionals season. Enjoy!

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