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Big Dawgs Remote Coaching

We work with athletes like you who are determined to systematically improve their performance over time. Our system is designed to make sure you reach your goals.

We’re your perfect partner if:

  • you’re ready to power your athletic skills and capacity to the next level
  • you’re committed to doing what it takes to succeed, both inside and outside the gym
  • you’re prepared to listen to and learn from a top coach.

Our programs are 100% individualized, unlike many “customized programs” on the market.

  • Speak to your coach whenever you need
  • Get your program changed if it’s not working for you, or you need to go out of town for a while
  • Receive specific lifestyle and nutrition advice for the training you’re doing

Our coaches help you connect all the dots of your training. And they care about your results.

The benefits of consistent coaching support

On the gym floor, at home in the kitchen, between workouts, our coaches help athletes to optimize their approach to maximize results.

Consistent video consultation, nutrition education, lifestyle support, and outstanding fitness programming will mean you reach your highest potential in fitness. Just like others who have used this system:

  • 2007 CrossFit Games Champion, James FitzGerald
  • 2017 Fittest Woman In America, Tennil Reed
  • CrossFit Games athletes, Marcus Filly, Helena Falk, Corrin Lemieux, Jamie Hagiya, Tommy Vinas, Luis Oscar Mora and Danny Nichols.

The Big Dawgs approach to coaching

Do you find yourself falling out of routine? Lacking motivation? Losing your progress? The best results come from a personalized approach with a professional coach.

We’ll partner you with a coach who does exactly what you need. They’ll design your entire fitness experience to give you wins in and out of the gym. And they’ll be with you for the long haul.

1. Starting with you

Because every athlete is unique, our coach will talk to you face-to-face on day one to begin your partnership. They’ll get to know you and your goals before starting your assessment, where they’ll understand how you move and function.

2. Understanding your success

Life is full of ups and down, changes and challenges. Once they’ve prepared your program, your coach will guide you through the great times and hard times. So you can stay true to who you are and what you want to achieve.

3. Talking nutrition

The best coaching partnerships don’t stop when you step off the gym floor. As your coach gets to know you, you’ll receive their holistic approach to fitness. They’ll look into your nutrition habits and find ways for you to treat your mind and body better.

4. Becoming part of The Pack

You’re never alone with Big Dawgs. You’ll do the bulk of your training in your gym, but we’ll be there to support. Even if you’re away on business or vacation. You never need to sacrifice your training when you’re part of The Pack.

5. Keeping you inspired

Your coach will have trained some of the finest fitness athletes around. From CrossFit Games champion, James FitzGerald, to over 100 CrossFit Games competitors, to more than 600 CrossFit regional competitors and thousands of athletes who train and compete for their own reasons.

Your coach will have insight to help you reach your athletic potential, and inspirational stories to keep you striving.

Big Dawgs Remote Coaching
Big Dawgs Remote Coaching

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