Big Dawgs Improving Your Gymnastics

Improve your Gymnastics

A Guide to Prepare for the CrossFit Open

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The CrossFit Open is quickly approaching and while CrossFit prides itself on the “unknown and unknowable”, one thing is certain, there will be movements in the workouts that you need to improve upon.

The Big Dawgs coaches put together this guide to help you improve your gymnastics skills, whether it be muscle ups, pull ups or handstand work, and whether you are a beginner or more proficient.

How it works

1. Choose which skill(s) you would like to improve prior to the CrossFit Open

2. Complete the form associated with that skill. This will likely require you to head to the gym and complete 2 tests so that you have the most accurate information to submit.

3. Once you have completed the form, you will be sent the corresponding programming for your skill level (or tier)

4. Follow the programming, take notes to reflect on later, and see massive improvements in your gymnastics game!


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