Big Dawgs Coaching Through Coronavirus

Coaching Through Coronavirus

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We’re all learning what training looks and feels like as we adjust to new training environments. And with COVID19, it’s safe to say that we’re facing new challenges that are forcing us to step outside of our comfort zones. 

Thus it’s important that we find or re-find rhythm and purpose in this uncertain environment regardless of whether that rhythm and purpose is specifically related to in-the-gym progress or not.

In this FREE download, we take a deeper look into the adjusted training, nutrition, and behaviors program of one Big Dawgs Athlete, Mathilde Wilkens, with her coach, Carl Hardwick.

Mathilde, and many other Big Dawgs remote clients, see and feel that the role of her Remote Coach goes far beyond workouts programmed for a gym setting. Carl quickly responded when Mathilde’s rhythm changed, and Carl did it in the most beneficial way for Mathilde.

Learn how Mathilde’s program shifted without throwing her goals out the window. View a Sample Week of Mathilde's adjusted training plan AND the nutritional tracking protocol that kept her lifestyle as a top priority thanks to her coach.

What’s Included?

  • The Plan before COVID-19:
    • A brief background of our 27 year old remote coaching client, Mathilde Willkens
    • How her coach, Carl Hardwick, approached her likes/dislikes in the gym
    • Mathilde’s program design skeleton in her first training phase
    • Mathilde’s lifestyle and nutrition approach

  • The Plan during COVID-19:
    • How Mathilde’s program was adjusted when things started shutting down
    • Mathilde’s program design skeleton in her new training phase
    • A sneak peak into 4 weeks of Mathilde’s new programming
    • Mathilde’s adjusted lifestyle and nutrition approach

Coaching Through Coronavirus

How Big Dawgs Coaches are helping their clients navigate training and life during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Athlete Mathilde Wilkens

Coach Carl Hardwick


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