Big Dawgs Coach: Sean McGovern

Sean McGovern


  • MS in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology (Arizona State University)- current
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  • FDN
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  • DNS Sport/Fitness1
  • Nutrigenomics
  • DNAFit

Sean McGovern

Sean got into CrossFit in the early years, competing on a team that took 13th place at the Games. Anxious to become part of building upon his story, he pursued coaching – interning under Justin Marcis (Windy City Strength & Conditioning). Within the next 7 years he opened, operated and sold his own facility to focus solely on being a strength coach.

“My old spot was CrossFit, and the new approach just didn’t fit there; it was obvious with the flux in clientele and the want for metcon after metcon that they weren’t getting. Upon finishing my first CCP course, I knew James Fitzgerald had those missing pieces that I had been looking for in CF – progression and the individual nature of an athlete.”

Completely intrigued with that essence, he finished his CCP courses and dove into Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. This understanding of the biochemical aspect, helped his clients achieve their health and performance goals at a whole new level. And takes his role as their coach as an opportunity to be a catalyst in some of the most significant change that can occur in someone’s life.

“It’s both humbling and an honor to be trusted with such a great responsibility.”

Outside of work, Sean pursues both skateboarding and olympic weightlifting recreationally. He is passionate about his wife Becky & his son Jace.

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