Big Dawgs Coach: Megan Mondelli

Megan Mondelli


  • M.S.
  • B.S in Biology
  • CF L1
  • PN L1
  • CCP - in progress
  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate - in progress

Megan Mondelli

Digital Marketing Strategist

Megan drank the kool-aid back in 2014 while living in Texas during her masters degree. Once she finished up school, Megan began working as a general manager of a gym doing both individual design and group classes. Quickly she began to coach the Lite class -which was her favorite because of the classic rock music and goofy personalities of the 50+ year old crew. 

In 2018, Megan moved across the country to sunny Santa Cruz to work for CrossFit Inc as a social media specialist for the Games. She says, "we all know what happened that year, which was a blessing in disguise, because it eventually led me here."

Now, working as the Digital Marketing Strategist for Big Dawgs, Megan enjoys having her own coach again and aspires to be a "decently competitive" powerlifter (USAPL). You can see Megan in everything we post digitally on BD, as she is the one to curate and/or create the content. She is our in house photographer and loves traveling to Sanctional events and the Games to shoot our athletes and see her old friends/coworkers again - commonly referred to as "summer camp".

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