Big Dawgs Coach: Matt Springer

Matt Springer


  • M.A. Kinesiology
  • OPEX L2
  • CrossFit L2
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • USA-Weightlifting

Matt Springer

Matt Springer has taken a meticulous journey in becoming the coach you see today.

His interest for strength and conditioning arose as a means of preparation for the gridiron and wrestling mat. Even then, Matt filled the role as a player-coach for his teammates. This natural touch of leadership ultimately led him to study at the University of Northern Iowa - culminating in a Master of Arts with a spotless 4.0 GPA.

While attending university, Matt immersed himself in every coaching opportunity possible: personal training, group fitness, youth speed & agility, and most profoundly, coaching NCAA Division I athletes. Matt’s depth of expertise for the sport of Weightlifting can be traced back to Jed Smith and Jianping Ma. These individuals taught Matt the snatch and clean & jerk, which were essential elements for programming Northern Iowa athletics.

Initially following graduation Matt held dual roles as adjunct faculty and strength coach for the university. Around this time he meant his next mentor: James Fitzgerald. As fate would have it, James extended a coaching position to Matt in early 2014. Not one to pass up the chance of a lifetime, he and his wife moved 2000 miles cross-country from their quaint accommodations in Iowa to live in Arizona.

It took only a few months after moving to the company headquarters for Matt to assume the role of Head Coach. Since that time, he has witnessed the organization evolve first from OPT, then to OPEX, and now Big Dawgs. Matt’s natural attention to detail, combined with his inventiveness, has made him the defacto strategist and data analyst on the team.

When asked about his crowning coaching achievement, Matt points to the ever-expanding roster of “Marathon Club” clients. These are 30+ individuals with at least 26.2 months of coaching service. It speaks to the consistency of his relationships, as well as the degree of individualized attention he fosters. Surprising to some, more than half his clients today are internationally-based.

Most recently he and his wife took a year-long trip around the globe - visiting corners of Asia, Africa, and Europe. They are now planting permanent roots in West Des Moines, Iowa, where Matt continues to work remotely. Whether studying something new or simply exercising, you will have to catch Matt on the go because he never slows down.

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  • Oh my man Matt. I could write a book about this guy. I started with Matt almost 3 years ago after attending an Opex Camp. It was the best decision for me as an athlete and a coach. One of the best ...

    Kevin Cuff
    Kevin Cuff Big Dawgs
  • Not only has Matt helped me progress in terms of competing in CrossFit but the biggest help was figuring out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was not sure what to do after I got my b...

    Anthony Kopp
    Anthony Kopp Big Dawgs

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