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What metrics are you examining in your sport?

Sep 02

As a coach, it’s imperative to have metrics that allow you to track progress across a multitude of areas, otherwise what are you really doing? In my opinion, the key to progress in any program is a comprehensive selection of lead metrics. If we pigeonhole ourselves to just 1 or 2 metrics that could negatively impact our understanding of growth along with our athlete’s mindset around their own growth.

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3 reasons why you aren’t achieving your goals

Dec 30

The last goal setting guide you’ll ever need* *One note to be made up front: My goal setting ideas will be slanted towards physics endeavors, most specifically competing in the sport of Crossfit. T...

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Coach Sam Smith's Top 12 Books of 2020

Dec 30

The beauty in taking time to look back at the previous year and picking out 12 books that left an impact is identifying the various aims I was seeking in reading those books. Each one tells a diffe...

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Simple Holiday Navigation - 5 Tips

Nov 09

For someone who takes their training seriously, the holiday season can be a time rife with obstacles and challenges to find yourself off rhythm for weeks on end. As in any challenge there is the op...

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Journaling Exercise - exploring values

Sep 03

Distraction is the only thing that consoles us of our miseries yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries. In Part 1 of Journal Exercises, we explored fitness, competition, achievement and ho...

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When More Isn’t More 

Jul 30

In a lot of facets of life the more time, or reps, or practice you put into a particular endeavor there is a pretty linear increase in the results you would expect to receive. This positive feedbac...

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Journaling Exercise - become more present

Jun 24

The inability to recognized how distracted we are is one of the greatest drivers of misery. Cultivating presence is one of the most productive ways to turn down the noise inside our heads. A pow...

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Refining your daily routine during social distancing

Apr 09

What are you doing on a daily basis? How are you investing your time? What we have come to realize is that in this situation, quarantine/social distancing, provides us the perfect conditions to se...

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy this Flu Season

Mar 12

Big Dawgs coaches and athletes take a natural approach to avoiding sickness and in the current client (with COVID-19 a.k.a. the coronavirus spreading). Besides for the standard, wash your hands, we...

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What does it mean to be an athlete?

Jan 27

What is the distinction between athletes and participants? “The athlete in my definition is someone who goes for pleasure, pain, points and prizes with the sacrifice of maximum physical expression...

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Coaches Chat - Henry Torano - Goals vs. Fantasies and How to Achieve Them

Jan 15

In this Coaches Chat, Henry Torano is a master of helping people see what they are doing and then helping them sort out why they may be doing it. This chat with Henry about goals vs. fantasies is timely with the 2020 New Year, as many people want to understand the decisions they are making so that they can learn how to consistently improve.

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Sam Smith's Top 12 Books From 2019

Dec 31

Coach Sam Smith loves sharing what he reads on a regular basis, but with the year coming to a close we thought to consolidate his top 12 books from 2019. This year Sam focused on understand himself on a personal level so that he could give more of himself in his relationships.

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Mind Balance

Dec 30

A new year, a new you, right? I’ll do you one better. How about a new way to view your mind? I believe that could be a more productive way to look at this new year. An approach that will add lasting value and shift the way you look at your weekly activities.

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Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

Oct 03

These are a list of habits and points that we try to emphasize every day to our athletes. If we try and focus and develop these this will lead to a significant improvement in energy, digestion an...

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Coach Chat - Mike McElroy Discusses Building Confidence In Fitness And Life

Jul 26

Jim Crowell and Mike McElroy dug into how athletes can build stronger confidence in themselves at all levels of their fitness. From a young kid through his years playing golf, to his time on the floor as a multi-year CrossFit Games Regional Athlete, to now moving into the triathlon world, Mike has learned what he and his athletes need in order to progress through the numerous ups and downs that life throws at them. Enjoy!

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What Is Remote Coaching?

Jul 24

This article digs deeply into what remote coaching is. Along the way, we discuss the other forms of online fitness training and coaching that exist, but we then narrow in to Individual Design Remote Coaching as the article's focus. We discuss which clients and athletes remote coaching is good for, and we discuss which clients and athletes remote coaching is bad for. And then, we discuss what quality remote coaching should look like for you from your coach. Enjoy!

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Successful Fitness Athletes Have Self-Belief and Self-Reliance

Jul 08

Great athletes in all sports, especially fitness athletes, have self belief in themselves as well as self reliance. The more you make that a part of what you're training every day, the better you will be on the competition floor. In this article, we discuss some great ways to improve your self-reliance and self-belief so that you can continue to move forward on and off of the gym floor.

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Can You Balance Training and Work?

Jun 10

If you hold your personal development (physical and performance-based) to a high level, something you’ll no doubtably experience is the predicament of trying to find some level of balance between y...

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How Do You Prepare Your Mindset for Training?

May 14

How do you prepare your mindset for training? While this might seem like a trivial question to ponder, there’s actually a lot in it. Before we dive into that, let’s create context around what I m...

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Goal Setting and Execution

Apr 29

How do you set a goal? Simple, you pick something you want to attain and start working towards it. If it were that easy everyone would have everything they’ve ever wanted, which isn’t the case. Whi...

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Triangle of Success

Apr 22

What breeds success in competitive fitness? While that can be a broad question, let’s pull it apart. First, we need to define success. We have to remember whenever we think of success we filter tha...

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Keep Inflammation at Bay

Apr 14

What is inflammation? By definition, inflammation is the “reaction of a tissue to injury or infection, characterized by heat, redness, swelling and pain”. This reaction is a necessary process for o...

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Consistency is the Key to Success

Mar 29

What can I learn from Mat Fraser and other elite athletes to better my performance? One word. Consistency. One principle that transcends all elite performers is consistency over time. Before we div...

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Get Better Sleep

Mar 25

What is the most powerful performance enhancer that’s also free? Sleep. Paraphrasing a section from Matthew Walker’s book entitled “Why We Sleep” will give some perspective: “Obtain anything less t...

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Keys To Longevity in Training

Mar 18

“You miss the trees in the woods if you try to build Rome in a day”. That nonsensical made up quote really reminds me of the point I’m trying to get across today. ‘Longevity’.  We are all on this ...

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Should I Get A Coach During The Open?

Feb 25

Athletes are focused people. They work hard, they want to learn about their sport, and they crave progress. They’re willing to put it all on the line to succeed. In their pursuit of success they a...

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Getting Unplugged

Feb 11

When was the last time you went a full day without your phone, computer, TV, iPad? Probably can’t remember. Disconnecting from the “system” is something we ALL need to partake in more often. We are...

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Understand Your Poop

Jan 28

Poop. We all do it. Excreting out waste we don’t need. While it may be a “faux paw” to talk about poop, there’s a ton of value we can extract from our poop. In this post, we are going to talk about...

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Sam Smith's Top 12 books from 2018

Jan 08

Coach Sam Smith loves sharing what he reads on a regular basis, but with the year coming to a close we thought to consolidate his top 12 books from 2018.

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What's the Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation? PART 2

Jan 07

In the last post, we broke down the difference between motivation/extrinsic drive and inspiration/intrinsic drive. We also utilized a great exercise to highlight our highest values, which are the s...

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