The First National Champion of the Dominican Republic: Yuyi Aldaño

The First National Champion of the Dominican Republic: Yuyi Aldaño

23 Jul

The First National Champion of the Dominican Republic: Yuyi Aldaño

Big Dawgs Athlete, Yuyi Aldaño, qualified for his first CrossFit Games through the Open.

A highly recognizable figure in the fitness scene in the Dominican Republic, Yuyi Aldaño has been working with his Big Dawgs coach, Henry Torano, since December 2017. Despite all the changes to the CrossFit Games, Yuyi punched his ticket to Madison through the Open. Earning his first trip to the Games and the title first National Champion of the DR.

We always remember the ‘firsts’”, Coach Toraño explains, “First player to reach the majors, first Olympian, first medalist, etc. But he’s THE FIRST: first national champion, first Games competitor, first real Functional Fitness Athlete in his country.

The sport of fitness is still in diapers throughout the Caribbean. However, Yuyi is doing his part to spread the word throughout his community as he owns a training facility, Steel Factory CrossFit, and continues to PT as well.

Coach Torano and athlete Yuyi Aldano discussing programming for the day

We asked his coach what Yuyi’s best event would be; “probably be something like a 5k Row into 1RM Snatch, which would allow him to showcase his developed engine as well as his explosiveness with the bar.

Yuyi is Coach Toraño’s first Games competitor and has clearly been working hard to insure he has a successful experience at the Games. “I think I’ve spent the most time writing his program. I want to make sure everything’s covered, trying for it to be perfect, considering his feedback to the dosage.

Yuyi worked hard to improve his aerobic capacity

There are just a mere 9 days until the first event starts. At this point the work has been put in. The only thing for Yuyi and Coach Toraño to do now is stay calm and trust the process that has gotten them this far.

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For more on Coach Henry Toraño or to work with him visit his bio page.

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