Refining your daily routine during social distancing

09 Apr

What are you doing on a daily basis?

How are you investing your time?

What we have come to realize is that in this situation, quarantine/social distancing, provides us the perfect conditions to set our rhythms back and build a strong foundation that can be sustainable.

A good start are the BLGs (BASIC LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES). Make these your starting point.

In this situation it can be easy to lose direction and lose motivation to get up in the morning or maintain what used to be our daily habits. We need to understand that “quarantine” and “social distancing” are not forever. And we need to realize that we MUST continue taking care of our body.

It’s important that you sit down in front of a mirror and really take time to identify what are your daily actions:

  • What are they doing for you to live a larger life? 
  • Are these actions setting you up for long term success? 

Once you have defined the priorities and things you want to see in your daily life, decide upon small actions that you know you can be successful with.

For example:

  1. In the morning, starting your day with a glass of water, lemon and a pinch of salt 
  2. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day
  3. Respecting YOUR training time.

What matters is that you are consistent. Consistency is the key here because you have to reflect on a routine that will be sustainable for YOU, your goals and your environment.

It’s important that you understand WHY you are doing these actions and recognize that you have the opportunity to take advantage of this time.

Bring awareness to:

  • The time you go to bed & wake up
  • Intentional movement in your day
  • Fueling (quality of nutrients, hydration)
  • Learning time
  • Relaxation & recovery
  • Work 
  • Social interactions (family time, call your parents/friends)

Once you have brought awareness to these things, define your priorities and make a plan to be consistent with them daily. Decide what you want to spend time doing because they are important to YOU. Start with small things but make sure you are respecting these times that you define.

The first days are the most challenging since there is no routine yet implemented. It’s important that these habits are in line with your priorities and values because when it starts to be difficult, you will be forced to look back at these and really commit to them. Remember, consistency is key so that these new habits become conscious actions that you want in your life. Imagine that once this is over, these new actions/habits become part of your daily life and they will become second nature. Use this time wisely, I see it a bit like a sponsored training camp where you can choose what you want in your daily life. You are the master of your time; you control and decide where you invest this time and what you do in your 24hr. 

Let’s make sure that when all of this is over, we come out with consistent life habits that allow us to live a larger life.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting me to have a chat on how I can help you out create rhythm in this current situation.


Written by Mizar Fuentes-Ortega [Instagram]

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