OVERHEARD: When Templates Go Wrong

OVERHEARD: When Templates Go Wrong

28 Jun

OVERHEARD: When Templates Go Wrong

Ideally a linear type of progression works. Such as the example below:

WEEK 1: 3 reps x 5 sets @ 87%

WEEK 2: 3 reps x 5 sets @ 89%

WEEK 3: 3 reps x 5 sets @ 91%

But what happens when you completely fail or do not get the proper dose response?

What if during one of those training days:

  • Your sleep is off?
  • Your individual characteristics call for a different rep and/or percentage range to elicit the required response.
  • A big life event occurs?
  • What did your training the day before looked like?

You know what a template CAN'T DO? Answer those questions for you, help you find solutions to those outside stressors or design protocols for Week 4 based off Week 3's efforts / fails.

A template with such progression leaves NO room for outside variables to occur, and asks the athlete to live in a controlled environment where things go PERFECTLY. Remember the last time that happened? Yeah.. us neither.

Yes, there are SOME who are able to continue to grow based off these types of programs, but for the majority of us we will find a hard plateau waiting for us before we reach the end. We are humans with constant variables that need to be addressed, and then readdressed to ensure the adaptation we want to happen isn't over stimulated by a black and white number written on a sheet, that wasn't built for you in the first place.


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