Journaling Exercise - become more present

24 Jun

The inability to recognized how distracted we are is one of the greatest drivers of misery.

Cultivating presence is one of the most productive ways to turn down the noise inside our heads. A powerful tool to help with this is journaling. Putting pen to paper forces us to slow down, think, and articulate our thoughts. By doing so, we will begin the process of becoming more aware in our lives; resulting in an experience more deeply rooted in the present.

How to journal more effectively:

  • use a pen and paper, don’t use a computer
  • aim to write for 10 consecutive minutes
  • be as descriptive as possible (the more detail the better)
  • allow yourself to pursue whatever avenues arise as you start to write

The antithesis of being present is worrying.

Coach Sam Smith gives you 7 questions to kick start your journaling process. Over the course of 7 days, answer the question associated with the day. Spend 10+ mins writing everything down that comes to mind using a pen and paper. At the end of this week long exercise you should feel more present with your goals and more comfortable journaling.

DAY 1. Question 1:

What does my vision for my fitness career look like? 

-include your goals, how you’ll achieve them, when you’ll achieve them, and when your training will shift away from what it currently is

(If fitness is more of a supplement to your life, write down how it supports your life and where you are going with it)

DAY 2. Question 2:

What do I need to achieve to feel accomplished?

-list out what those achievements are

-explore where they come from, what’s driving them

DAY 3. Question 3:

What will that accomplishment give me that I don’t already have?

-work to uncover what it is you perceive is “lacking” in your life such that you have these aims

DAY 4. Question 4:

What current habits do I have that don’t align with my goals, and why is that?

-objectively identify what you are doing that could be better based on your goals

-if you can’t identify any, look for ones you could continue to improve that would positively impact your goals

DAY 5. Question 5:

What inspires me?

-what drives you from within

DAY 6. Question 6:

What is my purpose?

-why are you here; how does fitness intertwine with that

DAY 7. Question 7:

What am I grateful for?

-pick ones that aren’t as obvious

The more control you have over your attention, the more control you have over your future.


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