Should I Get A Coach During The Open?

25 Feb

Athletes are focused people. They work hard, they want to learn about their sport, and they crave progress. They’re willing to put it all on the line to succeed.

In their pursuit of success they are willing to try countless strategies to get a leg up on their competition. However, they aren’t designed to be the coach, they’re designed to be the athlete. They need to focus their athletic efforts on expressing their fitness to the best of their abilities, not identifying which of the 5000 new - and often weak - training strategies are out there.

We see far too many athletes preyed on by quick fixes, the end-all supplement “stack,” or the warm up/activation technique that will take them from 3 muscle ups to 20 overnight - yes, this is marketed!

Where this often plays out aggressively is when an athlete sees her/himself and others competing in a big competition, particularly one such as the CrossFit Games Open. Marketing by companies is high, the athlete is already stressed whether they realize it or not, and they too often make decisions that aren’t beneficial to their long-term success.

So often, we have athletes ask us if they should get a coach during the Open. Let’s be honest, we are biased toward having a coach at all times, but our rationale here is this:

  • If you can have a coach see you compete earlier rather than later, they will better understand your abilities and emotional tendencies immediately - A professional coach learns from seeing you compete
  • The more you can have a coach help you work through a competition, the faster you’ll learn how to improve all aspects around it be it preparation, workouts prior and post competition, nutrition during the competition, and your mental state of mind throughout
  • The better your program is before, during, and after a competition, the better your physical adaptation will be and the better your longer term trajectory will be as an athlete

Athletes are realizing more and more that competing at the highest level and at their innate maximum potential often takes years to accomplish. If you are not currently at your peak potential, start now rather than wasting weeks, months, or years going back and forth without a plan or support system.


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