CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout Predictions And Commentary

CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout Predictions And Commentary

04 Nov

CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout Predictions And Commentary

As we come to the close of the 2020 CrossFit Open, I want to offer everyone following us a chance to talk to us Big Dawgs Coaches, about YOUR Open performance. So as a thank you, head over to our Post Open Consult page for more information about this limited offer.

Four down and 1 to go. Traditionally, week 5 has been very painful because of the time frame and speed that athletes had to work within. If you ask me, I think that feeling will remain for 20.5!


So far, in 4 weeks we have seen these themes in the Open workouts:

  • For Time - x3 workouts
  • AMRAP in 20 min

And, we’ve also seen these movements factor in thus far:


    • Ground to Overhead (barbell) - very light weight, medium rep sets, low → mid total volume
    • Burpee over the bar - fastish pace, mid → high volume


    • Dumbbell (DB) thrusters - medium weight, low rep sets, medium total volume
    • Toes to Bar (T2B) - low rep sets, high total volume
    • Double unders - low → mid rep sets, very high total volume


    • Deadlifts
      • Low to medium weight, 21/15/9 scheme for medium volume +
      • Medium to heavy weight, 21/15/9 scheme for medium volume
    • Handstand pushups - with the “ewww” judging standard - huge premium for folks who can rep strict reps there should be haha
    • Handstand walking - fairly short rep distance and low total volume


    • Cleans
      • Light weight mid reps
      • Medium weight mid to low reps
      • Heavy weight low reps
    • Box Jumps - Pretty high reps to a low to medium box
    • Pistol squats (single leg squats) - Pretty high reps

If you haven’t taken a look at our 20.4 video and pdf guide, it’s HERE 


The top scores this week on the women’s side were all searching for the sub 13-minute mark whereas the men were more in the 14 and 15 min mark. 

Annie Thorisdottir posted an early YouTube video of her going apx 13 minutes and saying she was going again. 

Ben Smith did the workout as part of the open announcement and posted a 16:40 time where the men’s weights were a bit more challenging relatively than the women’s weights were. As of 3pm MST (5pm EST), Willy George was leading the men’s side with 15:40, but there are some heavyweights left to post their scores.  I do not anticipate scores for the men to beat the women.

Kristi Eramo looked to go around the low 14 minutes per her YouTube video. All of the athletes that we’ve watched videos from (high level athletes) have chosen to rebound box jump. It doesn’t mean that they all will, but many who posted videos over the weekend did

What Did We Notice In CrossFit Open 20.4?

I was interested to see who would do rebounding box jumps vs dead stop vs step ups in this workout. No doubt there is some impact force you feel if you did rebounding, but you can get into the calves a bit easier with reaction/bounce force (realizing it “exposes” the Achilles tendon more) for less quad pain as you get into the heavy barbells. Chandler Smith and Noah Olsen, Annie Thorisdottir, Kristi Eramo, Ben Smith, and most top athletes put this into play because it’s faster.

I was an individual Regionals competitor in 2014 and a team Games competitor in 2015 and my best clean and jerk ever was 275# hahaha. This workout would have set me back juuuuuuuust a bit.

Big shout out to the Buttery Bros for their Blades of Glory body suits that they wore during the Open Announcement. I mean when you got it, flaunt it, right!

What Will CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout Be?

Big Dawgs Coaches are semi focused around chest to bar pull-ups with the twist being that many coaches believe we’ll see chest to bar then morph into bar or ring muscle ups later in the workout! The two most common movements they are expecting are chest to bar/muscle ups + barbell thrusters - the classic 5th workout of the open movements. So, no help there consistency-wise.

The Dave Castro’s Instagram is continuing to be entertaining listening to Dave discuss why he uses certain workouts. This week (20.4) he said he wanted to test fitness strength, not just strength. He also said he was going to do all pistols originally, and it seems like he sort of wishes that they had done that even though he said he’s happy with it. He then went on to say that nothing has ever compared to what 20.5 will be. Hmmmmmmmm - my mind goes to pain and hanging on when you don’t want to hang on 

Here are the Big Dawg Coaches’ picks for this week!

Henry Torano:

14:00 AMRAP

2 rds:

50 Row Cals

30 Thrusters, 65# / 95#

10 Chest to bar pull ups (C2B)


2 rds:

50 Row Cals

30 Thrusters, 65# / 95#

10 Bar Muscle Ups (BMU)

Sam Smith

12 min running clock:

3 min window:


Thruster 65# / 95#

Chest to Bar Pull Ups (C2B)

*if completed under 3 min, move on to the next window:

3 to 9 min window:

30 Ring Muscle Up (RMU)

30 Thrusters 95# / 135#

*if completed under 6 min, move on to the next part:

9 to 12 min window:

15 Bar Muscle Up (BMU)

15 Thrusters 115# / 155#

*if you make it to the last part, your score is amount of reps or total time to finish

Will Trujillo

For Time:

33 - 24 - 18 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3

Row Calories

Chest to Bar Pull Ups (C2B)

Mizar Fuentes-Ortega

For Time:


Thruster 65# / 65#

Chest to Bar (C2B)


Thruster 85# / 135#

Ring Muscle Up (RMU)

Time Cap -  9 min

Brian Foley went absolutely ham on this guess:

Running Clock:

0:00 - 6:00

Max Snatch

6:00 - 14:00


Thruster 75# / 95#

Ring Muscle up (RMU)

14:00- 20:00

Max Snatch

Score 1 - average between the two snatch scores

Score 2 - total time for 21-15-9

Carl Hardwick

For Time:

10 Rounds

5 Muscle Ups

10 Thrusters 65 # / 95#

Mike McElroy went with the longest workout on the planet to type out!:

For Time

4 Min of:

3 rds:

15 Thrusters 65# / 95#

15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (C2B)

If you finish, continue

4 more min

3 rds:

15 Thrusters 65# / 95#

15 C2B

If you finish, continue 

4 more min

3 rds:

9 Thrusters 95# / 135#

9 Bar Muscle Up (BMU)

If you finish, continue

4 more min

3 rds:

9 Thrusters

9 BMU 

If you finish under 16 min, that’s your score. 16 min total time cap

Megan Mondelli:  

For Time:

0:00 - 4:00 minute clock:

4 rounds:

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (C2B)

10 / 12 cal Row

4:00-8:00 minute clock:

4 rounds

10 C2B

10 / 12 cal Row

8:00-12:00 minute clock:

4 rounds

8 C2B

10 / 12 cal Row

12:00-16:00 minute clock:

4 rounds

6 C2B

10 / 12 cal Row

*progress to next round if you complete the rounds/reps within the time frame, and you can start next movement immediately, no need to wait for the clock.

Allison White went Phoebe from friends dubious with:

For Time:

100 Thrusters 65# / 95#

Whitney Reese abstained this week! 

I’m going with Mr T in Rocky 3’s version of “Paaaaaiiiiinnnnnn”:

Part 1: 

0:00 to 5:00

3 rounds for time

21 Thrusters 65# / 95#

21 Row Cals

Part 2:

5:00 - 10:00

75 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Thank you so much for reading these blogs. We really hope you enjoyed them. Let us know on social if you’d like us to continue these types of predictions blogs as well as guides for other events/Sanctionals! 

Enjoy it folks. Cheers!


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