CrossFit Open 20.4 Workout Predictions And Commentary

CrossFit Open 20.4 Workout Predictions And Commentary

29 Oct

CrossFit Open 20.4 Workout Predictions And Commentary

As we near the end of the CrossFit Open, I want to offer everyone following us a chance to talk to us Big Dawgs Coaches, about YOUR Open performance. So as a thank you, head over to our Post Open Consult page for more information about this limited offer.

A big congratulations goes out to Mizar Fuentes-Ortega and the other correct predictors of CrossFit Open Workout 20.3 - also known as CrossFit Open Workout 18.4.  I didn’t guess it right, but then again, I rarely do lol.

Recap of the 2020 CrossFit Open so far

So far, in 3 weeks we have seen these themes in the Open workouts:

  • For Time - times 2 workouts
  • AMRAP in 20 min

And, we’ve also seen these movements factor in thus far:


  • Ground to Overhead (barbell) - very light weight, medium rep sets, low → mid total volume
  • Burpee over the bar - fastish pace, mid → high volume


  • Dumbbell (DB) thrusters - medium weight, low rep sets, medium total volume
  • Toes to Bar (T2B) - low rep sets, high total volume
  • Double unders - low → mid rep sets, very high total volume


  • Deadlifts
    • Low to medium weight, 21/15/9 scheme for medium volume +
    • Medium to heavy weight, 21/15/9 scheme for medium volume
  • Handstand pushups - with the “ewww” judging standard - huge premium for folks who can rep strict reps there should be haha
  • Handstand walking - fairly short rep distance and low total volume

If you haven’t taken a look at our 20.3 video and pdf guide, it’s HERE

Recapping 20.3

The top athletes this week were all searching for the sub 6-minute mark. 

Back in 2018, only one male - Austin Mallelo (18.4 video) - was able to go sub 6, likely because the deadlift weights were more relatively challenging than for the woman. On the women’s side, the top two times were a tie to Annie Thorisdottir and Brooke Wells at 5:21, with Kari Pearce closely behind at 5:37.

This year in 2020, some of the big time and interesting scores we saw were:

Kristine Best and Amanda Goodman - this is selfish, they are both Big Dawgs Athlete - went 5:39 and 7 flat respectively.

Sam Briggs - Even with the penalty enforced on her, she’s hanging in there to potentially qualify through the CrossFit Open. This week, she went 7:41.

And on the men's side of things, Patrick Vellner went 6:29 and Noah Olsen who went 6:24, are both punishing the Open week-by-week.

What Did We Notice In CrossFit Open 20.3?

The top female time was 5:21, but Sam Briggs went 7:41 for 62nd place. Think about that time difference; 2 minutes and 20 seconds in a 6’ish minute workout. That shows you that the best in the world at this workout are waaaaaaay better than others.

People seemed excited for this redo. We were excited because we had plenty of data which helped our athletes. Selfishly, it helped us put out our Prep Guide more efficiently because we already had the write up ready to go from 18.4, and just gave it some tweaks for 20.3.

The redo definitely helped, exposure-wise, for many athletes. Austin Malleolo set the world record in 2018 and then beat his score by 15 seconds or so. That is most likely exposure, not being more fit overall.

I don’t know about you, but 45 deadlifts at 315# after 45 deadlifts at 225# is terrible for me so kudos to people who that doesn’t “bother.”

The Dave Castro’s Instagram is continuing to be entertaining listening to Dave discuss why he uses certain workouts. This week (20.3) he said he wanted to do essentially a double benchmark workout to really expose people in a pretty fast time domain. Particularly on the female side, I think that happened, but I’m still most interested in the spread of the very best in the world from the rest. 

The Dave Castro's 20.3 Thoughts


What Will CrossFit Open 20.4 Workout Be?

Big Dawgs Coaches are getting are all over the place this week haha! The two most common movements they are expecting are muscle ups (split between ring and bar) and cleans (split between squat and power). So, no help there consistency-wise.

Here are the Big Dawg Coaches picks for this week!

Henry Torano thinks we’re rolling wall balls and muscle ups with:

For Time:

50 Wall Ball (WB) 14# / 20# to 9’ / 10’

10 Ring Muscle Up (MU)

40 WB

8 MU

30 WB

6 MU

20 WB

4 MU

10 WB

2 MU

Sam Smith says “I’m convinced this will be the workout:

30 Power Snatch 95# / 135#

30 Ring Muscle Up

30 Power Clean and Jerk 95# / 135#

Will Trujillo also believes we’ll see the 21-15-9 theme hit this week with:

14 Min AMRAP

3 Rounds:

15 Clean 65# / 95# 

5 Chest To Bar Pull Up (C2B)

-- then

3 Rounds:

12 clean 95# / 135#

8 C2B


3 Rounds:

9 Clean 115# / 185#

12 C2B


3 Rounds:

6 clean 155# / 225#

15 C2B


3 Rounds:

3 clean 185# / 275#

18 C2B

Mizar Fuentes-Ortega , the hot hand who guessed 20.3 correctly, sees heavy cleans and gymnastics work:


7 Bar Muscle Up (MU)

14 alternating DB snatch (DB Snatch)  35# / 50#

--Then, at the 7 min mark


1 Rep Max Clean

5min time cap

Brian Foley with a new named workout!

"Listen Linda”

For Time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

Bench Presses 135# / 195# 

Squat Cleans 105# / 145#

Bar Muscle Up

Time Cap: 17 minutes

Carl Hardwick going with:

15 Min AMRAP

50 Cal Row

30 Wall Ball 14# / 20# to 9’ / 10’

10 Ring Muscle Up

Mike McElroy getting into the mix with:

5 Rounds For Time of

7 ring MU

24 wall ball 14# / 20# to 9’ / 10’

 Allison White gave some broad thoughts on what we might see:

Descending Rep scheme
with Strict Muscle Ups
 a heavy barbell that increases in weight

Megan Mondelli gave great thoughts about what may be inside of the workouts. She said:

"A couple of things we haven’t seen yet: a chipper, an AMRAP in a set time, if complete rounds in time frame, new clock starts & so on… and movements like rowing, wall-balls, and muscle ups. Plus, every year since the introduction of the dumbbell into the Open, we have seen a DB in a workout multiple times, so we are probably looking at one more workout with a DB movement. This week I believe it will be a chipper."

Whitney Reese abstained this week! 

Jim Crowell: All I see are muscle ups haha and I like the idea of having to “get back to them” so I’m going with:

AMRAP 14 Min:

90 Wall Ball 14# / 20# to 9’ / 10’

30 Ring Muscle Up

Be sure to check out our weekly debauchery of guesses and commentary as well as our Thursday night videos/prep guides. Enjoy it folks. Cheers!

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