CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout Prediction And Commentary

CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout Prediction And Commentary

07 Oct

CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout Prediction And Commentary

If there is something that we enjoy doing as a Big Dawgs team, it’s discussing how to optimize our athlete’s results during competitions. What better competition discussion is there than the CrossFit Games Open??

We have a lot of fun making serious, quasi-serious, and the opposite of serious predictions about the workouts, and we enjoy discussing those workouts as they come out.

So, each week this year, we’re going to release a predications blog (and maybe video if we get our 'ish' together), and then we’ll roll a great CrossFit Open Prep video and write up guide Thursday evenings each week.

With that said, let’s get after it!

What Will CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout Be?

With all of the big changes going on within CrossFit HQ, it would seem that CrossFit is distancing itself, from an HQ standpoint, from the CrossFit Open. There is a new website,, that is a lot more for the general fitness enthusiast than it is for the hardcore athlete. Just look at the images and you can see the brand for the Open now.

If they are going back to the roots of inclusive, less complex, and “anybody can do it,” that really leaves 2 options for workouts:

  1. More simple, less complex movement workouts
  2. More scaling options to make people included even as people are doing different versions of workouts or different workouts entirely

Generally speaking, most Big Dawgs Coaches believe that the complexity will remain on the simple side, and you’ll notice that in most of their predictions. 

And, if we couple the subtle “clues” from Dave Castro’s Instagram, it would seem like we may have some historic tests coming back up. He specifically mentions thrusters and pullups, 7 minutes of burpees, and a few other potential repeats.

Without further adieu, here are some of our educated (or not haha) guesses for CrossFit Open 20.1 workout with some tiny explanations:

Carl Hardwick and Allison McKail, ever the “play by the percentages” people haha:

“I predict a more inclusive play where anyone can do 20.1 and anywhere. I predict:For Reps:7 min AMRAP: Burpees”

Sam Smith talking about the roots!:

“For time:

  • 30 Power Snatch 95/135
  • 30 RMU
  • 30 Power Clean to OH 95/135

Who doesn’t want to watch Rich Froning try to beat Fraser’s time on the live announcement hosted by Rogue?”


Whitney Reese thinks we’re going back old school with:

“7 min AMRAP

7 muscle up

50 wall ball 20#/14# to 10’/9’

100 double unders”

Henry Torano also thinks we’re going back a bit more old school with an homage to 2013:

“10 Min AMRAP

5 Push Press 115#/75#

10 Dead Lift 115#/75#

15 Box Jump 24”/20””


Brian Foley went rogue, and we’re not talking about the equipment company, on us!:

“For Time:


Power Clean 155#/115#

Strict Handstand Push Ups”

I, myself, like to overanalyze things, so here’s what I’d think about for the workout prediction:

  • What workout would create the biggest lift in new participants signing up after the Thursday Announcement - I believe it would be a more simple and less equipment dependent workout

  • What message does CrossFit want to send - Health and “everybody can participate,” so I’d expect the scaling option to be less dramatic on this first workout to get people out of the gates

  • What will play well with Rich Froning and Scott Panchik doing the workout live - in all reality, they’ll look solid doing anything haha, so it may be more about what looks good based on people continuing to watch the feed. Given the shrinking participation list and the missed attempts at video in the 2019 Open, I suspect they’ll want to look good coming out of the gates - where good means quality and inclusive

  • What will be the easiest (week 1) for CrossFit Gyms to setup - while this hasn’t been the case every year I suspect CrossFit wouldn’t hate a less negative response given the recent changes

  • How can people “enjoy” week 1 and feel good going into week 2 - again, I think CrossFit will want to deemphasize the global competition and more so make it about community and fun, so they don’t want people to feel terrible 1 week in. That will happen by week 3 or 4 haha


With that in mind, ill predict this workout for CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout:

20 Min AMRAP

20 Cal Row

20 Burpees

And with that, we’re off!  Be sure to check out our weekly debauchery of guesses and commentary as well as our Thursday night videos/prep guides. Enjoy it folks. Cheers!

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