Coaches Chat - Mizar Fuentes Should I Count My Macros?

19 Nov

Mizar Fuentes-Ortega was interested to discuss this topic because he’s worked with so many clients who came to him wanting to do macro counting right away, and Mizar’s thoughts on it are really beneficial for anybody who is trying to dial in their health/wellness/performance.

Should you count your macronutrients (macros)?

Mizar immediately went into what we call BLG’s - basic lifestyle guidelines - and said that you won’t get nearly as much success with macro counting if you aren’t following a consistent cadence of quality BLG’s.

Those BLG’s look like:

  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you getting enough sleep prior to midnight?
  • Are you drinking enough water? - rarely is it “are you drinking too much water?”
  • Are you taking time to eat/chew (prepare if you can), chew, and digest your food?
  • Do you have good rhythm (circadian rhythm) throughout the day/night?
  • Do you have good purpose in your life
  • Are you getting enough sunshine on your skin? - but not too much, of course
  • Are you sourcing your food from quality sources?

Mizar lead with BLG’s because they have a very important foundational impact on your body’s ability to pull the proper nutrients from the food and assimilate them. If you wake up with a brutal alarm clock - ie scaring yourself to wake up haha - sprint to the car, get a drive through coffee and bagel, if that somehow hits your macros, you’re still missing a large impactful part of your food because you are in such a stressed rush.

Mizar likened the BLG’s vs. Macros to A push up - or plank - to a muscle up. Would you expect to gain great progress in muscle ups if you cannot yet do a push up or a plank?  No. BLG’s are foundational and without them in place, you can’t build a higher scaffolding - macros - on top of it.

Mizar also spoke about a level of awareness that goes even deeper than BLG’s. If you are aware of the quality of your food, water, lifestyle, etc, you will be more successful when you ultimately do add macros into your nutrition protocols. 

Create quality habits prior to trying to compound on top of them

We see often that clients want to put the cart before the horse. They want to succeed so greatly that they want to skip the foundation and get right to the “sizzle” because it seems like if they can do the complicated things that they will be better off.

Unfortunately, getting to your optimal level of performance doesn’t work that way. It’s only when you create consistent habits that they become automatic enough for you to then compound complexity, such as macros, on top of them. 

When should you count your macros?

Mizar went back to automatic habits. When you have created habits that are truly engrained inside of you, you can build on top of them. For macros, if you are sleeping well, eating/drinking well, training consistently, getting sun (when possible), enjoying rhythm and purpose, and you aren’t stressing out to do those things - ie automatic - you'd better be prepared to receive better success from adding macros, as a tool to your arsenal.

Until the next time my friends!

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