Big Dawgs The 21 Big Dawgs Benchmark Workouts for CrossFit Athletes

The 21 Big Dawgs Benchmark Workouts for CrossFit Athletes

See Where You Stack Up | Learn What You Must Improve | Experience Big Dawgs Testing

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Imagine if you had a benchmark for every characteristic that is needed to be good at the sport.

With the right testing, you’ll know exactly what to train and how hard to train it!

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  • Benchmark Videos and Descriptions
  • Benchmark Benefits and Importance
  • Testing Block Program
  • Explanation of Results
  • Next Step Tips and Tricks

Just How Good Are You At CrossFit?
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In this FREE guide, we give you 21 benchmark workouts proven to show where you stack up in the sport against other CrossFit Athletes.

Here’s just one example:

30/30 Row x 4 ALL OUT for Meters Rowed displays your top end power + your aerobic capacity + your grit.

As you look through each benchmark, we will...

  • Show you an athlete performing the benchmark workout
  • Explain to you why we’ve chosen it as one of the 21 most important benchmarks
  • Give you an idea of what you need to improve in order to climb the leaderboard

These benchmarks have been performed thousands of times and we’ve analyzed the data. After you have scores in some, or all, of these benchmarks, you should know EXACTLY what to work on to improve in the Sport of Fitness.

See where you stack up compared to elite athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between.

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Download this free guide today and learn the benefits and importance of testing, which benchmarks show your TRUE performance level, how to improve on your weaknesses, and where you stack up against CrossFitters all over the world.


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