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What is Big Dawgs?

Aromas, California, 2007. James “OPT” FitzGerald has just won the first ever CrossFit Games. The world for fitness athletes is about to change forever.

Big Dawgs emerged when fitness athletes across the planet saw the potential to use functional fitness to improve and compete. Teens, adults and masters emerged in the fitness arena with a shared goal: to maximize their potential, compete and win.

What started as a training blog is today the strongest one-to-one remote coaching system for athletes around the world. A space for athletes to be coached in every aspect of their competitive fitness journey. A place for bodies and minds to seek and reach maximum potential. And a community of the finest fitness athletes around.

At Big Dawgs, we’re pushing and evolving fitness. To promote a standard of excellence in online competitive fitness coaching.

The Big Dawgs Way

Big Dawgs Process

Introduce yourself

Your goals. Your deepest motivations. Your inner competitor bursting to get out. We’ll discover this about you when you book your free consultation. We’ll then find you your perfect coach – someone to set your program, design your experience and drive you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Big Dawgs Process

Get your program

This will be unique, tailored and completely yours. Built around you and your goals, it will help you to experience fewer plateaus and progress faster and for longer. We’ll send your program daily to your phone, plus a video library of movements, benchmarks and assessments. Post your results and share training videos with your coach to reach the next level.

Big Dawgs Process

Test, train, retest, refine

Your coach is always with you – gauging your progress, looking at your movement and recovery, making sure you’re on the right path. You’ll video-call with them once a month to discuss your training, lifestyle, nutrition and next goals. By looking at the bigger picture, you’ll keep on point every day.

Reach your physical potential


  • Big Dawgs Brian Foley

    Brian Foley

    Brian’s experience with competitive sports gave him the drive to pursue fitness and help others on their fitness journey. First starting in the CrossFit community, he became a coach for two Souther...

  • Big Dawgs Henry Torano

    Henry Torano

    There isn’t a sport that Henry hasn’t played, from football and volleyball to triathlons and ironmans, he’s done it all. But he quickly learned that to gain an edge on the field, there would have t...

  • Big Dawgs Matt Bryant

    Matt Bryant

    Shortly after finding the efficacy of mixed modal training for himself, Matt began using it with success on clients and as a men’s and women’s college basketball strength and conditioning coach....

  • Big Dawgs Matt Springer

    Matt Springer

    Matt is not your lifelong athlete turned fitness coach. He grew up playing WWF and riding anything with wheels. In high school he wrestled and played football but due to shoulder injuries, Matt ...

  • Big Dawgs Michael Bann

    Michael Bann

    Michael Bann started is career holding multiple positions in the strength and conditioning industry such as the Head Strength Coach for a law enforcement academy.  While studying exercise scien...

  • Big Dawgs Mike McElroy

    Mike McElroy

    Mike found CrossFit in 2004 and quickly started following the original Big Dawgs blog. It was with the help of this blog that he made it to CrossFit Regionals in 2010. Following these Regionals, Mi...

  • Big Dawgs Mizar Fuentes Ortega

    Mizar Fuentes Ortega

    As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, Mizar found himself looking for another physical challenge and that’s when he found CrossFit (2009). He quickly realized this was something he wanted to...

  • Big Dawgs Sean McGovern

    Sean McGovern

    Sean got into CrossFit in the early years, competing on a team that took 13th place at the Games. Anxious to become part of building upon his story, he pursued coaching – interning under Justin Mar...

  • Big Dawgs Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    A former professional golfer, his interest in movement led him to pursue further study in Physical Therapy. After five years in the clinic, Sam turned his attention to coaching competitive athle...

  • Big Dawgs Will Trujillo

    Will Trujillo

    “Someone at some point made a difference in my life and it's my turn to make a difference.” As a collegiate football athlete, Will studied exercise science, which led him to further pursue a docto...

  • Big Dawgs Whitney Reese

    Whitney Reese

    Whitney has been a lifelong multiple sport athlete. She’s competed in tennis, karate, basketball, track, cross country, and soccer. After an ACL injury as a teenager, she focused exclusively on soc...

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With the help of a professional coach, you’ll progress in a way that connects to your personality, style and goals. They’ll be in your corner, helping you reach your toughest goals. With their support, you’ll build your confidence, resilience and results.

Games athlete? Fitness athlete? Speak to us today to reach your physical peak.

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