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What is Big Dawgs?

Aromas, California, 2007. James “OPT” FitzGerald has just won the first ever CrossFit Games. The world for fitness athletes is about to change forever.

Big Dawgs emerged when fitness athletes across the planet saw the potential to use functional fitness to improve and compete. Teens, adults and masters emerged in the fitness arena with a shared goal: to maximize their potential, compete and win.

What started as a training blog is today the strongest one-to-one remote coaching system for athletes around the world. A space for athletes to be coached in every aspect of their competitive fitness journey. A place for bodies and minds to seek and reach maximum potential. And a community of the finest fitness athletes around.

At Big Dawgs, we’re pushing and evolving fitness. To promote a standard of excellence in online competitive fitness coaching.

The Big Dawgs Way

Big Dawgs Process

Introduce yourself

Your goals. Your deepest motivations. Your inner competitor bursting to get out. We’ll discover this about you when you book your free consultation. We’ll then find you your perfect coach – someone to set your program, design your experience and drive you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Big Dawgs Process

Get your program

This will be unique, tailored and completely yours. Built around you and your goals, it will help you to experience fewer plateaus and progress faster and for longer. We’ll send your program daily to your phone, plus a video library of movements, benchmarks and assessments. Post your results and share training videos with your coach to reach the next level.

Big Dawgs Process

Test, train, retest, refine

Your coach is always with you – gauging your progress, looking at your movement and recovery, making sure you’re on the right path. You’ll video-call with them once a month to discuss your training, lifestyle, nutrition and next goals. By looking at the bigger picture, you’ll keep on point every day.

Reach your physical potential


  • Big Dawgs Brian Foley

    Brian Foley

    Brian Foley is not new to the fitness community. His experience with competitive sports gave him the drive to pursue fitness and help others on their fitness journey. First starting in the Cros...

  • Big Dawgs Henry Torano

    Henry Torano

    Henry’s first involvement in sports was at the age of 5, when he joined his first basketball team. In the next three years came volleyball and baseball until he was finally old enough, at 8, to...

  • Big Dawgs Matt Bryant

    Matt Bryant

    in 2012, Matt Bryant came into our system with years of experience coaching. He's worked with kids, the general public, fitness enthusiasts, sports teams, and high level athletes on program des...

  • Big Dawgs Matt Connolly

    Matt Connolly

    Matt discovered his passion for strength and conditioning during his 7 years working as a Police Officer, finishing his career working under the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime & Ope...

  • Big Dawgs Matt Springer

    Matt Springer

    Matt Springer has always had a drive for exploration and deeper understanding – whatever the topic may be. This naturally attracted him to Big Dawgs beliefs around fitness testing and prescript...

  • Big Dawgs Michael Bann

    Michael Bann

    Michael Bann started is career holding multiple positions in the strength and conditioning industry such as the Head Strength Coach for a law enforcement academy.  While studying exercise scien...

  • Big Dawgs Mike Lee

    Mike Lee

    Mike graduated with a degree from California State University at Chico, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Construction Management. After over 5 years of success as an engineer and Pro...

  • Big Dawgs Mike McElroy

    Mike McElroy

    Growing up, Mike was an avid golfer. In 2004, he got into CrossFit and quickly found the original Big Dawg Blog. It was with the help of this blog that he made it to the CrossFit Regionals in 2010....

  • Big Dawgs Mizar Fuentes Ortega

    Mizar Fuentes Ortega

    Mizar is a former gymnast, CrossFit athlete, and martial artist. Mizar started coaching gymnastics when he was 15 and coaches recreational and pre-competitive level (kids ranging from 4-16 year...

  • Big Dawgs Sean McGovern

    Sean McGovern

    A 22 year veteran of skateboarding, Sean‘s background in sports and movement is deeply rooted in the experience around the result. “Growing up, the goal was always to get out with the older guys, l...

  • Big Dawgs Robin Lyons

    Robin Lyons

    Robin Lyons has been with the system since 2008. She began as an athlete working under James FitzGerald and competed in CrossFit from 2008 thru 2013. Robin was then recruited to be a Head Coach...

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